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SheCor Cares has three health initiatives that we are very passionate about.  In general, we focus on overall health because we know that it is vital for individuals in the community to take the very best care of themselves and their families.  Diabetes, Elder Care, and Breast Cancer are the three areas of health we bring awareness to.  


Diabetes is a health ailment that our Founder and Executive Director, Sherika Rimmer-Higgins, is extremely passionate about.  Ordie Lee Rimmer-Smith, our Founder's grandmother, was sickened by the disease for years.  "Orange Juice" is a seminar held annually to make the community aware of the dangers of diabetes and what it can do to try and prevent the disease from taking hold.  Click below to learn more about diabetes and when we will have our next seminar.  

Elder Care

The importance of home care for the elderly is often overlooked. There are a multitude of reasons we should care for loved ones as they age. Certain studies have shown the ways in which stressors like anxiety increase as we get older. As these stressors increase, it’s important to combat them with change that bring comfort and ease in life. Click below to find out more about why elderly care is so important.  

Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is another ailment that is dear to our Founder and Executive Director.  Her beloved aunt, Brenda Teague, battled breast cancer for years before succumbing to it.  Breast cancer not only affects women but men as well.  Breast cancer treatment innovations are improving the ability to control cancer while reducing the impact of treatment. "Pink Tea" is a seminar held each year to discuss the facts and screening measures for breast cancer.  Click below to learn more and find out when the next seminar will be held.    

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