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MAN.AGE is a blueprint SheCor Cares has created to help young black males ages 9 to 21 manage their emotions and feelings from a young age to a man. Black males are more likely to have short tempers and ill-mannered actions due to their emotions which stem from physical and academic insecurities, lack of male role models, poverty, and peer pressure. Through mental and spiritual coaching, sports and outdoor activities, field trips, and mentorships, we teach these young men how to manage and express their emotions in nonviolent ways so that they can be more fit in society rather than a jail cell.  Here in Mississippi, black males make up right at 70% of the prison population.  

Goals of the Program:

•Improved school behavior

•Improved home behavior

•Improved academic performance

•Decreased gang involvement

•Decreased alcohol and other drug use

•Decreased delinquent behavior

•Improved anger management

•Increased self-confidence or self- esteem

•Increased knowledge of career possibilities

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