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Faith Shows God's Power

(This is the expression created by Sherika to support the acronym used in her ServSafe courses to help individuals remember the minimal internal temperatures for cooking.)

An ongoing series of inspirational entries from our Founder and Executive Director.  



June 12, 2021



Chapter 1


God has a way of ensuring that you get to where you need to be.  I created SheCor Cares late 2012 into early 2013 and over the years I was doing things here and there to help my community, but it was not where I wanted it to be.    Over the past two years, God was pressing me to further my nonprofit and I kept asking for more time.  You see, I am one who plans, plans, plans, and then plans some more so I really wanted to make sure that when I stepped out on what God wanted me to do, I would be ready mentally and financially.  Guess what?  Things did not happen like that.  In early 2019, I left my career in government to go private in hopes to secure more money and time to focus on other things.  More money definitely came, however, the job drained me mentally and physically.  I kept praying for things to get better at the job, but, needless to say, things did not.  I finally realized that this was God's way of pressing me out the door to where I was destined to be.  It was then that I prayed and told the Lord that I knew what He was doing and that I would finally be obedient.  On March 12, 2021, I left the job with only a little financial security.  I was able to pay my bills up, however, I did not have the time or security to plan for the next bill cycles.  On top of worrying about bills, my son's senior year in high school was coming up.  Due to the doubt and worrying, I asked the Lord to increase my faith.  What I do that for?  WOW!  As my Pastor, Dr. Cleotis Woods says, "God will take you through some things when you ask Him to increase your faith."      


Stay tuned for Chapter 2!  :) 


Be Blessed,


Sherika Rimmer-Higgins, MPP; CHEI, PIM

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