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At SheCor Cares, we know that it will take all of us working together to unify communities  of color with their local police departments.  We will work with local, state, and national leaders to ensure that  we help to break the cultural barriers that presenting some of the unjust tragedies we are witnessing.   

Cultural Competence Training

SheCor Cares provides cultural competence training to various entities such as law enforcement, hospitals and clinics, large and small companies, and different workplaces around the country. Cultural competence is the ability to understand, communicate with and effectively interact with people across cultures. Cultural competence encompasses:

  • being aware of one’s own world view

  • developing positive attitudes towards cultural differences

  • gaining knowledge of different cultural practices and world views

  • developing skills for communication and interaction across cultures.

How We Train

Our training is setup in modules.  All modules are currently designed to be delivered face-to–face, and it is highly recommended that all modules be taught in this format at this point. Conducting the training via distance technology is being explored. Plans are underway to create additional modules focusing on culturally competent program planning and evaluation and culturally competent leadership.  The following is how the modules are formatted.  

  • Module One—Competency: Cultural Awareness

  • Module Two—Competency: Cultural Understanding

  • Module Three—Competency: Cultural Knowledge

  • Module Four—Competency: Cultural Interaction

  • Module Five—Competency: Cultural Sensitivity

We pray that as a result of this training, individuals are culturally competent professionals who will engage in culturally diverse settings, initiatives, and programs; integrate cultural competencies in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of programming; and practice strategies for successful intercultural communication in professional settings.  


If you want us to administer this training to your staff or cohort, click the button below.



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