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Engaging & Inspiring Individuals, Families, & Communities

Meet Our Founder and Executive Director

Sherika Rimmer-Higgins is a child of God; a conciliator; a philanthropist humanitarian; a motivational speaker; a diversity expert; a food safety, environmental, and agricultural consultant; a certified health education instructor; a certified program infrastructure manager; a certified grant proposal writer; and a ServSafe instructor and proctor. Sherika is also the founder and chief executive officer of Edible Smarts, Foods, and Services, LLC-a food safety, environmental, and agricultural consulting firm. She possesses an undergraduate degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with concentrations in business administration, public relations, and education from Mississippi State University. Her master's degree in Rural Public Policy and Planning was obtained from Mississippi Valley State University.  


SheCor Cares is a 501 (c)(3) approved nonprofit organization.  The mission of SheCor Cares is to use God-given talents and gifts to advance, recover and strengthen lives in ongoing ways by enlisting cohesive, locally developed tools for individual growth and development.  Our organization has beliefs and values we hold dear. We believe that viability comes from having a strong faith and trust in God. In turn, this will help to build the competence of individuals and communities to evaluate and manage their needs adequately. Another belief of ours is that the key to improving lives starts with a commitment to the word of God which will aid in developing, sharing, and applying knowledge. Finally, we believe that with God's help, partnering with government, other non-profit organizations, the private sector and other groups and communities will lead to continued measurable success.  

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