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Save Our Children!

Trafficking is not just a local, state, or federal problem. It is an "our" problem. Each community needs to be more vigilant in spotting the signs of abused kids and those who go overlooked because they may have behavior issues. These behavior issues are actually the first step in thinking something may be wrong in the home or that the child is being abused away from the home. Abused kids often run away and become susceptible to trafficking.

"Trafficked children experience many types of abuse and neglect. Traffickers use physical, sexual and emotional abuse as a form of control. Children and young people are also likely to be physically and emotionally neglected and may be sexually exploited."

"The ten worst states for human trafficking are California, Texas, Florida, New York, Michigan, Ohio, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, and Mississippi. California is the worst state for human trafficking with 1,334 cases. Texas is the second worst state for human trafficking with 917 cases. Florida is the third worst state for human trafficking with 781 cases. New York has 404 reported cases, while Michigan has 295. Ohio is the sixth highest human trafficking state with 291 cases, and Georgia is coming in seventh place with 281 cases. Illinois has 243 reported cases, while Missouri has 240 cases. Finally, Mississippi is the tenth worst state for human trafficking with 233 cases."

My Care Bears:

  • Are you shocked by these statistics especially my fellow Mississippians?

  • What can we do as a community to rid of child trafficking?


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Unknown member
Dec 31, 2023

You are right. I say we need to start at home first by being parents and talking to our children and asking them more questions about school and their day to day lives.

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